At N . Arlington mayor's memorial service, he's recalled for motivation to 'help anybody'

N. ARLINGTON Paul Bianchi's long-awaited service procession is on the highway before going to the cemetery. To admire the barber's chair, the flames of the public force carry the processional city of Bianchi to the cemetery. Bianchi passed in April. 15, decided Barbara's Hallelujah "as protectors we collapsed." Bianchi's coffin, the 77-12 were offered Oughout.> Arlington Gran Paul Bianchi died, said his British counterpart Thursday. "Most of his cancers happened and nobody knew it, "said a colleague at Every day Speech. Bianchi, a 77- to 12-month-old Republican who was simply looking for a second-time political election in Late, owned or operated his friend Joey's At North Arlington Barber. He had been doing it for almost 55 years. He died Thursday noon, mentioned colleagues. Bianchi has lived in a district for a long time, was a firefighter for 26 to 12 months, leader of the Hose Numberone pipe company for four years and, at the time of his death, a tax assistant for the division. The youngest crowd was one of the many people to answer. Bianchi has also offered his services for organization and zoning panels - which includes the duties joeys garden expandable hose of chair of the organizing committee for 10 years and chair of zoning committee for three years. He was associated with UNICO in the lead roles in 1986 and 1992 and also north of Manchester Arlington Circular, in the lead role in the early 90's. Bianchi offered in the Oughout. Utes. Military, receiving his honorable discharge in 1961. He is simply leaving his wife of 42, Catherine, three young people and eight grandchildren. Click here to sign up for free Daily News e-mails and notifications. .

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